march 10, 2013

dea verifies msm/meth co-crystallization unusual “ice” methamphetamine exhibits in stow, i've seen pwople cutting msm into meth for quite a while now.
How To Cook Msm To Cut Ice  
Msm cut shit is fucking bad. if i got sold cut shit i'd cut your head off. _____ arguing is in like hawaain ice type shit. its pretty sick.
  Amphetamine > methamphetamine swim got some ice yesterday that made swims tongue numb when he smoked it, also it theres no way for any of us to know what it.  
Meth usually looks like small pieces of glass of shards in different sizes. the best way to test purity of meth; how to cook msm to cut ice; how to make fake meth.
Msm is also known as methylsulphonylmethane and is a naturally occurring sulfur compound. it is also found in animal cells and is an important component of collagen.  

Learn about how to make msm cut and find vitamins and supplements priced at wholesale cost or below for arthritis, , fibromyalgia.

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I wish her the best. (although I agree with some of the comments about the title being misleading).

I also was interested in the comment about how important music became for her. I wonder if music therapy or even just learning an instrument would help her. I would prescribe walking and music definitely!

My piano recordings at Box.Net:

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Financial housekeeping
Submit receipts for reimbursement (flexible spending, business expenses, insurance claims)
Meet with spouse/partner/spartner/Shatner about financial goals, duties, hopes and dreams
Sell stuff you no longer need on Craigslist or eBay
Cash in rewards points and gift cards before they expire
Create a “grab and go” box for emergencies
Clean out files and shred sensitive documents
Check your credit report
Optimize your participation in employer benefits
Cash management
Create a budget
Find a better bank
Sign up for Mint, Quicken, or another financial tool
Build an emergency fund by having money automatically transferred to a savings account each month
Set up automatic bill payments
Identify three recurring expenses that could be reduced
Negotiate better rates for your cable, phone, or other recurring bills
Develop a strategy to get out of debt
Find out if you’re getting the best interest rate on your credit card
Shop for a credit card with better rewards
Refinance your mortgage
Insurance and estate planning
Evaluate your renters, homeowner, disability, and auto insurance policies (e.g., do you have too much or are you paying too much)
Determine if you need more or less life insurance
Update the beneficiaries on your accounts and insurance policies
Complete or update important legal documents (will, advance medical directive, etc.)
Inventory your possessions so you can file an accurate claim if necessary
Transfer your retirement account with a former employer to your current plan or to an IRA
Contribute to an IRA for 2012 before April 15
Adjust contributions to retirement accounts due to higher limits in 2013
Convert to a Roth IRA if prudent
Sign up for college savings plan(s)
Review investments and asset allocation
Evaluate your mutual funds
Calculate whether you’re saving enough for, or spending too much in, retirement
Calculate whether you’re saving enough for other goals
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JoeTyler said:

7 of 21


and I just guessed 5 lol


lame ass tide indeed !





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for him to suspect inferiority in others.

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